zahid lilani

You know you are from Lahore when…

The first 15 channels on your cable are dedicated to stage shows mujras

The morning rush hour is from 6am to 12pm. The evening rush hour is from 2pm to 9pm. Saturday’s rush hour starts Friday morning.

You buy anything and everything from Al-Fatheh

Your Massi and Driver have taught you fluent punjabi

Your broke ass next door neighbour just bought a BMW cuz he deals in property

A really souped up civic from tokyo drift stops next to you and instead of something groovy, the woofers blare out himesh rishamya

One of your friends is a butt

The people in your local Gourmet Bakery know you by face

Attended a shaadi that had to have a mujra

The only solution to boredom is eating out

All directions start with, “Go down to Main boulevard”

You think its okay to wait 5 hours in line for Basheer’s Fish in Mazang, cuz dude! he only opens 6 months a year

You go to Shahjamal every thursday to smoke weed with pappu sain

Its okay to run a red light if the traffic police dude doesnt have a bike to chase you

When someone asks you ”bhai yeh fortress kahan hai”, you have an evil grin on your face and send him to johar town

If your hungry at 3am, you go to CTC in your PJ’s instead of walking to your kitchen

Your cousins from karachi ask you about food street and your like “yeah i went there back in 2003”

Your winning argument about how lahore is better than karachi is ‘Lahore laa hour aaye’

Your childhood dream of attaining higher education was from Aitchison or Kinnard.

You always count the change before you leave shop, beacuse all shop keepers rip you off.

You always thank the rude shop owner because he actually “let you buy something from his shop”

You know that its in evitable that you’ll be “chalaned” on mall road.

Your cousins from america ask you about malls and your like “Yea we have Pace, but i never go there”

You go to the daewoo more than the airport