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people walking near white concrete building during daytime

You know you are from Karachi when…

1. You get shocked when someone stops at a yellow light
2. You never really know what to say when someone asks you what there is to see in Karachi
3. You give “missed calls.”
4. You’ve never really seen a tourist
5. It’s December and you attend 5 mehndis/shaadis in one night and end up meeting the same people at each of them 6. You use the phrases “what’s the scene?” or “scene on hai.”
7. You still have some of the Everest Videos movies and don’t plan to return them
8. You’ve met a Parsi
9. You feel you never have to wait in line if you are with “lay-diss” (ladies)
10. You’ve bought a DVD of a movie that hasnt even been released yet
11. You actually go “out for coffee”
12. You used to go for tutions even though didnt need them
13. You categorize people as “burgers” or “melas”
14. You roll down your car window and you can actually touch the car next to you
15. You go by landmarks not street names
16. Your only argument in the Lahore/Karachi debate is “well we have a beach”
17. You never realized that North Nazimabad was actually in the North
18. You never have dinner before 1am in shaadi season
19. You’ve always wondered what “khayaban” meant
20. You know the “telefun” number by heart even though you don’t know what “telefun” is/does
21. You blame everything on K.E.S.C
22. Your school gets closed when it rains
23. You know your city is a hole but you love it anyways.