zahid lilani

You know you are from Dubai when…

1. You only went to a British private school.

2. You never walked to school, you only either got a ride from your parents or rode your school’s coach bus.

3. You lived in either a condo or a Mediterranean-style villa.

4. Having fun during the weekends consisted of lying down in the beach, spending money at the mall, going to the beach again, and spending more money at the mall.

5. Your parents came home for lunch, took a nap, and went back to work.

6. 90% of your teachers were from England.

7. 0% of your teachers were from Dubai.

8. 99% of your classmates came from England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, India, Pakistan, Russia, Italy, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Greece and Australia.

9. 1% of your classmates were Dubai (UAE) Nationals

10. You had to learn French and Arabic from Grades 1-6

11. You either only drive a car, get driven by someone or take a taxi, and you never would be caught dead taking the public transportation (aka the bus).

12. 80% of your classmates in Grade 12/13 planned to go to England, Canada, the US and Australia for university/college.

13. You cannot live without air-conditioning.

14. You have never gone on a desert safari.

15. You never had to pay tax on anything, although you knew that whatever you bought was more expensive than buying it anywhere else in the world.

16. You grew up listening to British pop bands.

17. Buying a new cell phone at least twice a year was considered normal, and were seen un-cool by your friends if you didn’t have the latest Nokia model phone.

18. Learned more about European history in school than Emarati history.

19. You’re not in Dubai and always feel like you’re missing out whenever you hear about Dubai in the news.

20. You know that a new mall is being built at least every month.

21. You know that a small condo costs at least one million dirhams.

22. You know that condos that cost less than one million will have their rents raised in about a week.

23. You know that Dubai is an attitude, not a city.

24. You know that no matter how arrogant, expensive, crazy, snobby, stressful, ridiculous, irrational and ostentatiously eccentric Dubai may be, you’ll always come back to that city for the beaches, the glamorous yacht parties, the nightlife, and the priceless mix of good-looking multi-cultural people from all over the world!

25. You went skiing and snowboarding in the indoor ski resort at Emirates Mall.