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Weekly Roundup Of Interesting Social Media News Stories

Weekly roundup of interesting social media news Stories from around the web. Stories are hand picked and not computer generated. I Hope you enjoy your Social Media Sunday.

Attracted to brands on social media? by Kit Yarro for SF Chronicle

A candid look at how social media is creating relationships with Generation Y. Companies that have given importance to social media will be the winners as they have created a fan base and future customers by building relationships.

Time Spent Viewing Video on Social Networking Sites Up 98% Year-Over-Year In OctoberNielsen

Facebook seems to be the leader in social media video viewing. Please keep in mind, Facebook is different from YouTube and most of the time videos being viewed on Facebook happen to be from YouTube. MySpace follows Facebook in online video viewing.

TechSqueeze: The Boca Chief’s Use of Social Media and OutreachBroward Palm Beach

Interesting story about how Boca Rotan’s Chief of Police is using social media to connect with the local community and building relationships at the same time. He is passionate about Twitter.

Social media like Twitter change customer serviceUSA Today

Article about how ordinary people have used social media sites like Twitter to get attention from companies like Comcast and Dell.

Social Media Success Stories – by Erik Qualman for Search Engine Watch

14 case studies of companies using social media that have had positive ROI.