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Weekly Roundup Of Interesting Social Media News Stories

Weekly roundup of interesting social media news Stories from around the web. Stories are hand picked and not computer generated. I Hope you enjoy your Social Media Sunday.

Groom stops wedding to update his twitter status – by Lauren V. for Examiner
On my wedding day, I was nervous and was chewing gum to pretend I wasn’t. I am sure I am not alone in this, most people are nervous on their wedding day and really don’t think about “anything” else. Spur-of-the-moment gesture or social media addiction? You decide…

Google, Twitter Woo Small Businesses – by Liz Gannes for GigaOM
No one cares if Dell makes millions of Twitter but if more small businesses started making money on Twitter, there will be an increase in small business paying a premium price to stay connected. Both Twitter and Google are betting on this but Google is doing things differently then Twitter.

Yahoo to Expand Facebook Integration – by Juan Carlos Perez for PC World
Maybe Yahoo! wants to try each and everything under the sun before it gives up to Microsoft. I am sorry if you like Yahoo! but Yahoo’s days are numbered and there is a 10% chance that their new social media experiment with Facebook might keep it afloat for maybe couple more years. In case you don’t know, Microsoft invested in Facebook back in 2007 and though this might sound little far fetched, Facebook will some day have the capability and the market share to swallow Yahoo! with Microsoft’s backing.

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