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Weekly Roundup Of Interesting Social Media News Stories

Weekly roundup of interesting social media news Stories from around the web. Stories are hand picked and not computer generated. I Hope you enjoy your Social Media Sunday.

Tweetbookz: Social Media Print Company Looks For A Piece Of The Twitter Pieby Beth Hodgson for InventorSpot

As everyone tries to capitalize on Twitter’s enormous success, innovating ideas are flourishing. Tweetbookz lets you organize the best of your Tweets into a book. The timing of this product is good, perfect gift for the social media enthusiast in your family.

Where Social media heads next?by Satinder Kaur for ITVoir

I have seen quite a few social media predictions that are exaggerated or simply wishful thinking but this article gets it right with realistic predictions.

Survey: Social Media Makes Kids Better Writersby David Worthington for Technologizer

The new generation won’t be as dumb as previously thought, at least not when it comes to writing. Blogging and texting makes them better in more ways than previously thought.

Social Media Case Study Round-Upby Clark Fredricksen for eMarketer

I talked about a similar article last week that talked about social media case studies and ROI, here is another interesting list.

On PR, Social Media and the Evolution of the Web with Robert ScobleBrian Solis [VIDEOS]

When a geek meets with a PR person, things get very interesting. WARNING: You should have at least 1 hour to kill, the videos are very long and avoid being around kids, Scoble uses the F word.

The Journalist’s Guide to Maximizing Personal Social Media ROI – by Leah Betancourt for Mashable

The 4 Cornerstones of Social Media Monitoring – by Brian Chappell for Social Media Today

How to Build a Social Media Campaign – by Hilary JM Topper for BusinessWeek