Unlikely friendship, The Drone and the Kid

Recently, a story popped up on my Facebook newsfeed about this kid who made me laugh back in the day with his funny parody videos on YouTube. His name is Imran J. Khan, as in Imran J.K. Okay, never mind, bad joke. Little did I know, he is also married to someone my wife went to school with.


The story had a video associated with it, a Kickstarter campaign video, The Drone and the Kid. Imran is venturing into Pakistan to create a short fictional film about a kid who forges a friendship with a drone operator after witnessing a drone crash in his town. For this, he needs $7,500 and he is seeking your help. As of this post, he has raised $2,396. Yes, someone donated $1. It doesn’t matter, you can too.

Unlike other campaigns, this one is all or nothing. If he doesn’t reach his goal by November 29, he is not going to get what he has raised. His giveaways are not that great and that tells me that he is not interested in using the money raised to send you junk. Good sign.

Here’s Imran himself, introducing his campaign:

The Drone and the Kid – A fantasy short film that uses Pakistani drone strikes as a backdrop.

I wish him all the best, it’s a great undertaking with risks that most would avoid.

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