Two Videos from 5th Annual Urdu Cultural Show

At last year’s Urdu Cultural Show I felt bad not recording Farhat’s LIVE song performance, this year I am glad I did. Farhat sang Mohammad Rafi’s “Ahsan Tera Hoga” from the movie “Junglee.” Her performance was excellent. There was a small technical glitch towards the end of the song, some loser hit the wrong button and ruined things for 6 seconds but then Farhat came back with a bang to finish things off. Here is the video… Good Stuff!!!

Last year there was a short Bhangra item by UC Berkeley and the crowd loved it. This year they decided to do it with UC Davis, in a more competitive way. I think UC Davis was better than UC Berkeley.

I am still working on the review of the 5th Annual Urdu Cultural Show, I have a lot to say…


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