Twitter Missed the Opportunity to License Parking Meters in San Francisco

There is trouble in geek paradise a.k.a Twitter. Reasons are plenty but this post is not about that. The frenzy that surrounds Twitter, I think, is affecting its ability to look beyond social media and invest in a REAL service that can be offered to users who still think Twitter is “stupid.” The result – Twitter missed the golden opportunity to license Parking Meters in San Francisco.

SFPark Twitter

City of San Francisco announced that it will allow drivers to feed the parking meters by phone and get text alerts when the time is running out. The contract to provide this service has been given to Verrus Mobile Technologies, Inc. I think Twitter could have easily provided a similar service and tap in to a lucrative parking licensing agreement with the City. There are 24,000 parking meters in San Francisco – do the math.

You are now saying “not everyone uses a smartphone” or “there is an app for that.” and you wouldn’t be wrong.

But hear me out…

There are two kinds of people – smartphone users and regular cellphone users. Twitter works just fine if you have a regular cellphone that can send and receive texts. Almost everyone has a cell phone these days and for smartphone users, life would be even easier.

Having a real service is the key to Twitter’s survival in the long run. Text ads and TweetDeck acquisition will help but then again, advertising revenue can never be considered stable source of income.

What do you think?


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