zahid lilani

Twitter Links Get Clicked More Than Other Social Media Sites


Twitter Links Get More ClicksEven though some short URL service providers are shutting down, most are surviving because of only one reason, Twitter. Go and take a look at your Twitter stream, most people you are following are sharing links with you embedded in these short URLs. Because there is not much you can do within a Tweet, links serve as an elaboration of your thought process.

According to a new study from media research firm Interpret, LLC:

– 24 percent Twitter users said they reviewed or rated products online – double the rate of those who use other social networks but not Twitter.
– Twitter users clicked on more ads/sponsored links
– Twitter users were more likely to visit company profiles

9,200 internet people were surveyed for this research

To sum it all up, on other social media sites, you spend more time VIEWING (Facebook, MySpace) but on Twitter it is all about CLICKING and having conversation.

What do you think? Is Twitter going to become a link dump because all internet marketers will jump in and spam?