Time to Move On…

I have iPhone 3G and have it since it was first released. Once I learned how to use it to its full potential without jail breaking, its been a pleasure ride. “There is an App for that” was a term I used with friends and family every time I was asked if iPhone can __________ [fill in the blank].

Almost 2 years and now I am sick of iPhone. There are number of reasons and none of them involve AT&T.

After upgrading to the latest version 4.2.1 of iOS, I have been having issues like frozen screen, lagging performance, slow GPS, app crash, and unresponsive touchscreen. The upgrade is not to be blamed entirely; I noticed similar performance issues even before I upgraded. I have 21 songs, 0 videos, 17 photos and 21 apps with 6.3 GB of free space.

There are 2 iPhones in my household both 3G; one jail broken (wife) and one intact. The jail broken one makes me jealous sometimes with vibrant themes and the ability to reply to texts on the go. I upgraded to 4.2.1 version very late because my wife upgraded her iPhone after jail breaking it and experienced slow performance. I thought maybe it’s that way because her iPhone is jail broken. I was wrong; it’s the iOS.

iOS 4.2.1 wasn’t made for iPhone 3G because even after you upgrade, your phone can’t do many things that iPhone 3GS can do after the upgrade. Maybe that’s why they say that “one size fits all” approach is usually not the best way to go.

So what’s next?

AT&T is releasing Motorola Atrix next month; the best smartphone at CES 2011. I have never been a fan of Motorola (despised those slim razr flip phones) but this one will change my view. Not because it has an award under its belt but because its running Android 2.2 and has the performance of a PC. I need a phone that is powerful, fast and lets me customize the phone without jailbreaking.

Now that Verizon has iPhone, it makes even more sense to stick with AT&T and get Motorola Atrix which will be a 4G phone unlike iPhone 4 that will run on 3G network on both Verizon and AT&T.

I will change the category “iPhone” on this blog to “Smartphones.”


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