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Taking My First Pre-requisite Test

As I walk into the beaten door, I see a huge auditorium filled with students from all over the world.

Hunched, some in deep thought, others scribbling away.

“Oh, yes. I am late,” I say to myself.

It’s my first time, and I am late. Let’s hope they let me take my pre-requisite test.

I race all the way down to the table in the front of the podium and make eye contact with an older lady.

“Are you here for the test?” she inquired politely.

“Yes, I am sorry I am very late,” I whisper.

“Well, that’s okay. Let’s hope you can finish this in the allotted time. Unfortunately, you don’t get extra time,” she said.

“I will try my best,” I said.

As an International student, I was required to take a test that would decide what Math and English classes I can enroll in. At the time, this was something every student had to go through. Not sure if it’s something international students have to go through today.

It seems arbitrary in nature.

“I am done, can you please check to see if I need to take any other tests?” I asked the older lady.

“No, you are all set, welcome to Foothill College,” she said while smiling.

I did way better on the English test than the Math one. I got placed in English 1A instead of ESL 101. For Math, I was hoping to get placed into Pre-Calculus but ended up in Algebra.

“Should’ve brushed up on my Algebra,” I said to myself as I logged off the online registration.