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Sounds of Dubai

This is the part two of my previous post about Sights of Dubai. The following three videos were shot along side a small lake under the tallest building in the world which is around the… Read More

Sights of Dubai

I had a great time in Dubai last month and I couldn’t wait until I could get back home and blog about it. I have decided that I would post the best photos and videos… Read More

Vacationing in Dubai

I haven’t updated my blog for quite sometime because I am currently vacationing in Dubai. My Mom, Dad and Brother are residents of Dubai and I am visiting them after four years, first time after… Read More

My Abra Memories

Once I moved to Sharjah, I had all my friends in Bur Dubai where I used to live before. There was no inexpensive way for a 15-year-old to go back to Bur Dubai on the… Read More