Spell is Broken, I Own a Mac

I had decided back in June that I needed a portable light weight laptop in order to study and/or kill time during my daily one hour morning commute to San Francisco and back. There is nothing really out there that is comparable to MacBook Air, I searched and searched.

MacBook Air 13"

MacBook Air – My First Mac

Last weekend I decided to check out MacBook Air at the Apple store in Valley Fair Mall, San Jose. As usual, the store was packed with people and there was hardly any room to play with the demos. My main concern was the screen, I didn’t want it to be very small. 11″ Air was too small and reminded me of those ugly netbooks. 13″ Air on the other hand looked amazing, specs made sense and I had my pick.

Here’s what I got:

13-inch (1280 x 800)
1.7 GHz Intel Core i5
4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
120 GB Flash drive
Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1

Cost: $1299+tax.

I am not a fan of warranties or support plans but Apple Care sounds reasonably well priced for consumers who prefer that extra cushion, $189. Apple rep that helped me with my purchase recommended I get an Epson 3-in-1 WiFi enabled printer for free after $100 mail in rebate and I went along. First I thought, yet another printer, but then I decided to go for it because it is WiFi.

Lazy Lazy !!

PC to Mac

It’s too early for me to do a fair comparison but I will go over what I found to be unique to Mac. There are certain design advantages and the user interface is very intuitive. I spent close to 1 hour and was able to figure out the basics without looking at the instruction manual or online tutorials. For PC users, there are quite a few resources to help transition to a Mac.

[ad#left] There is no need for an antivirus, which is a must for a PC. Touchpad has no buttons, right click is in-fact just a tap with two fingers. Windows can be moved with three finger swipe and to scroll up or down just swipe two fingers up or down. Now, that’s cool.

I miss my delete button on the keyboard, I don’t think Macs have a delete function similar to PC. There is delete button that functions like a backspace. Keyboard tip: control + C is not copy, command + C is. I learned this the hard way after highlighting the entire paragraph and then deleting it by pressing control + C.

Overall, verdict

I like the way this thing is so light weight, slick and fast. Reboots in less than 5 seconds, how can you beat that? Prior Mac computers haven’t enticed me but I think that’s history now. I can now see myself buying a Mac desktop someday.

Have you used a Mac? Are you a PC? What do you think about the two?



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