zahid lilani

Social Media + Yahoo! Answers = Aardvark

Aardvark Aardvark is like Yahoo! answers but only better because it uses your social media connections to discover the perfect person to answer your question in minutes. The process is very simple, ask a question and get a response within 5 minutes.

Aardvark can be used on the web, through IM tools (Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo! and MSN messenger), Twitter, iPhone and any email program. There is no tedious registration process, it imports the data from your Facebook profile and in future the service plans to incorporate other social networks.


Unlike Yahoo! Answers, you can be at ease that there is a 99% chance that the person answering the question is a real person and not a business trying to push their product. Yahoo! Answers is infested with SEO service companies trying to answer each and every question in order to plug a link in the resource box for better Search Engine Rankings.

I understand you might say what about privacy, well it is simple. You don’t need to add anyone or open up your profile to anyone you don’t know. Just because someone from your extended network is answering your question doesn’t mean they get access to your Facebook profile.

My Aardvark tool of choice is of course the iPhone app. It has a clean interface and you can get a push notification as soon as your question is answered. I love answering questions more than asking questions, it’s just my personality.

Aardvark is excellent if you want to get answers to common questions like best places to eat, exciting places to visit and so on. I have seen people ask complicated questions and I am sure they have received prompt responses.


The average time Aardvark has taken to answer my question is 2 minutes. Now that’s really amazing, at least someone has figured out how to use social media to answer common questions effectively.

Yesterday, VentureBeat reported that Aardvark is considering a $30 million-plus offer from Google. In my opinion, $30 million is really vey low for a company like Aardvark considering the potential it has. Google can take it to new heights but with an offer like $30 million, seems like Google just wants to get rid of the people who initially founded Vark (ex-googlers).

In any case, my profile on Vark.

What do you think about the acquisition talk? Do you use Vark?