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SmartPhones are Getting Smarter, Especially when Users Find the Right Apps

This is a guest post by Shari Sax. Social media evangelist, a mentor, a friend and overall a passionate writer.

Recently I got a chance to meet with two Israeli gentlemen, whose company My6Sense has plans to use “Digital Intuition” to help mobile phone users save time and be more productive.

Founder Barak Hamachov is the “Visionary Geek” of the company, whose primary aim is to build applications based on a cell phone user’s “implicit feedback,” i.e., building and individual’s preference based on (a) content read; (b) time of day phone is used; and (c) friends/community.

“We don’t try to understand your preferences, simply to mimic them,” he explained.

Barak and company CEO Avinoam Rubinstain were in San Francisco recently to discuss their future plans with Silicon Valley early adopter Louis Gray, whose firm the Paladin Advisors Group is helping promote their efforts.

Here are three videos I took at a press conference November 16, 2009.

Louis Gray began the presentation discussing INFORMATION OVERLOAD and how we are going to deal with it.

He discussed how Google Reader, Friendfeed, Twitter and Facebook are trying to help with some new offerings. And then he introduced My6Sense as the iPhone app that can allow users to have their RSS feeds catalogued for them by relevance, so that the information they want most is right upfront.

In the second video, Louis tells the story of how Facebook let him down because the social media site does not know how to update him with the most relevant information – and he didn’t find out he was an uncle until many hours after his nephew was born. With My6Sense, Louis feels that he will not miss the most important data that he wants to see:

In Video 3, Barak Hachamov shares the vision of his company which intends to manage today’s three major trends: mobile, social stream, real-time stream.

My6Sense intends to be a personal filter that looks at your behavior and builds a preference model to make sure that what you most want to see is brought to you first:

Guest post by Shari Sax. You can follow her on Twitter or read her blog at ShariSax.com.

(I have used my6sense iPhone app and I you can read about my opinion of the app here)