Siri is a female, don’t refer to her as it

iPhone 4S has incorporated a feature that will revolutionize things a phone can do. I am talking about Siri, a personal assistant that talks to you and helps you be more productive by taking voice commands. Won’t make coffee but that’s okay, there will some day be an app for that.

iPhone 4S Siri Personal Assistant

Rotary dial, dial pad, touch screen, and now a personal assistant. It must be the 21st century.

Everyone who talks about Siri is referring to her as ‘It’ and sometimes ‘She.’ The voice is that of a robotic female so ‘She’ or ‘Her’ is appropriate but is it really a female name? Turns out, it is.

I googled the name Siri, few baby name generators popped up with the meaning of the name and its origin. It’s a female name with three different origins.

Sridevi Siri in Hindi means “Godess Lakshmi” or “Godess of Wealth.” In Norwegian it means, “Beautiful and victorious.” In Swahili it means, “Secret.”

When I hear the name Siri, I think Sridevi, a very beautiful Bollywood actress who was quite famous back in the day. Her real name wasn’t Sridevi but it did suit her – pretty and wealthy.

What remains to be seen is if Siri would turn out to be a cash cow for Apple depending on how adaptable and appealing it proves to be. It is the best new feature of iPhone 4S.


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