Santa Clara to Berkeley

If there is something I dread doing, it’s moving. Whenever I have moved its been easy but still I have always hated the thought of moving. I have helped others move more times then I have myself moved. In the past, it was very easy for me as the only thing I had was my clothes, books and few daily use items. Now, things have changed.

Problem is, I got no one to help me out as my moving timings clash with everyone else’s sleeping time. I am a night person, I do more things at night then in the day time but the world decides to sleep at that time. Another problem is, Berkeley is 50 miles from Santa Clara. That’s lot of driving…. I spend more time on the freeway then I do at home….

Good thing is that my brother is coming in 2 weeks so even though he is not a night person, he won’t have a choice but to help me.

So far I have got only few things in the new apartment, lamps, bulbs, kitchenware etc. Bed, side table, computer table, sofa, TV stand and a TV; that has to be taken care of.

This also calls for lot of stress, if I already didn’t have any. If there is something these days in abundance in my life, it’s stress. If you need any, you know who to call. Even mehndi songs don’t help me relieve my stress anymore 😛

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