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Same shit, new day

When I first came to the U.S., I was introduced to the slang phrase “Same shit, new day.”

Today, I use that same slang to describe what happened in Lahore, Pakistan, on Easter day.

“Same shit, new day.”

Same shit because it was yet another suicide bombing to create fear.

New day because it was targeted toward the Christian minority.

Women and children were the targets of this mayhem. The “so-called” brave defenders of the honor of the Prophet have now resorted to vicious attacks against the most vulnerable and protected class.

On top of that, lately, something strange has been happening on social media.

Right after the terrorist attack in Lahore, Pakistanis worldwide took to social media to demand certain things.

And no, it wasn’t that the intolerance was taking a toll on Pakistani society.

These were the concerns:

  • Why hasn’t Mark Zuckerberg changed his display photo with a filter?
  • Why hasn’t the empire state building turned green?
  • Oh wait, did the Eiffel Tower turn green?
  • Why is the bombing not trending on Twitter?

Talk about priorities.

“We are victims; show us sympathy.”

You can’t call yourself a victim if someone representing your religion is killing you indiscriminately.

That’s a mental disorder based on a belief that can’t be countered with logic.