zahid lilani

ReTweet Is Now Available To All Twitter Users

Something that was really missing from Twitter.com was the ability to re-tweet (share/broadcast) a tweet that you really liked and wanted to share with the rest of your followers.

Back in August, Project Retweet was announced and it got many of us excited because even though most serious Twitter users use desktop clients such as Tweetdeck or web clients such as HootSuite and Brizzly, occasionally we do go to Twitter.com to see how things are. Twitter.com is RAW, Twitter clients are just more refined and can be fine tuned.

When you login to Twitter first few times after the retweet feature has been activated, you will see this:

New Twitter Feature - Re-Tweet

Like most Twitter features, this one is also easy to understand and use.

Once you click on the retweet link, shown in the image, the tweet gets retweeted to your followers. The only thing that seems to be different about Twitter.com retweet is that “recycle” look alike icon that shows up when you go to your profile on Twitter.com. In other words, you won’t see the retweeted tweet in your Twitter stream on the homepage. That’s not the case with most other retweet features used by Twitter apps as a retweeted tweet goes back into your Twitter stream.

That’s it, there is nothing more to it. Twitter.com users don’t have an excuse anymore to not share useful information.

So what do you think? You like the new feature? How many times have you used it?