PeerIndex – Yes, there is a Klout Alternative

Klout announced a better, more accurate way to measure online influence but it might have pulled a Netflix. The change was drastic for some Klout loyalists and their loyalty today turned into all out boycott. Heck, there is a even a @OccupyKlout Twitter account and Occupy URL modified site.

I didn’t know if there was a Klout alternative so I searched and found few but none of them stand up to Klout except for one – PeerIndex.

PeerIndex - Klout Alternative

PeerIndex is built up of three components: authority, activity and audience scores. Authority relates to trust and credibility, activity relates to the expertise in topics you are most passionate about and audience relates to number of people you impact or influence.

It lets you add Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts; more coming soon. Visuals are little on the geeky side but it works.

After thought

I am not selling, marketing or living off of Internet and could care less about my Klout score. The only reason I am interested in Klout, and now PeerIndex, is because I am a number cruncher (accountant) and love tools that visualize data and provide meaningful analytics. Score is a by product of Klout/PeerIndex; don’t care much but won’t complain if it lands me a perk.


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