zahid lilani

My6Sense Helps You Reduce Social Media Noise

Thank you Shari for a wonderful guest post about My6Sense. It is now my turn to pitch in and share whatever I know and think about the app.

my6sense digital intuition My6Sense is basically Google Reader without the noise. It senses what you like to read and then ONLY shows you relevant stories.

Not only is it great for news stories and blog posts, it does the same exact thing for Twitter. When you follow little more than 100 active Twitterers, there is usually a tweet every second and it is hard to keep up. Though I appreciate people telling me the color and taste of their frozen yogurt, what I really use Twitter is for stories and blogging topics. That’s were something like My6Sense comes in handy.

The most interesting feature of the app is its “intuition” engine.

As you can see in the pic, My6Sense knows me pretty well. It takes some time reach a high range but it is worth it. Once you are up there, relevancy is amazing.

My6Sense has a lot more features than I am going to talk about here, I personally don’t use all of its features but it might be useful to you. Here is the list of all its features

You can download my6sense from the iTunes app store for free.

I would love to hear from you if you already use it or have downloaded it after reading my post and have something to add. Post all your comments and questions below.