Listen Up Bloggers, Your Content Belongs on Google Plus

It doesn’t matter if you blog for money, fame, or because you don’t have anything better to do, your content belongs on Google Plus.

This is you: your own blog > content > readers > credibility > share-ability > popularity > engagement.

Engagement is, majority of the time, the ultimate goal and if you can eliminate the “middle men,” why wouldn’t you?

Here’s you on Google Plus: content > share-ability > engagement.

This is radical, yet, understandable.

Google+ app icon

Plus is the shortest distance, if you get it right, between content and engagement. Once you have engagement, you have the platform. If you are selling something, engagement can mean more referrals. If you are going for the fame, your downline will respect your knowledge and opinion.

I blog because I want to share what I know. Money and fame is secondary.

When most users get tired of Facebook telling them what’s important, they will go back to what they know best, Google. Sooner or later, every Gmail user will have a profile on Google Plus and will circle few hundred people, family, friends, etc. Once that happens, your friends will be able to see the content you post and things you share when they Google something.

What I am suggesting relates more or less to a head start. Better be prepared than sorry.

What about SEO?

In 2 years, SEO will be irrelevant. Search will primarily be social. Content farms will die.

Recommendation: Post shareable content on Google Plus and your blog. Post opinion and your piece of mind on your blog with a snippet on Google Plus. Keep content that is your brainchild on your own blog. You own it, you keep it where you can control it. Everything else, just share!


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