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Is Google Buzz Here To Stay?

By now you have heard about Google Buzz and maybe given it a shot. At least you tried a couple of times then you said “I think I should just check my email.”

You have to give it to Google that they were very smart about their new offering. Instead of launching it as a separate product like Wave, they launched it as a part of something already successful. In case you didn’t know, Gmail is the 3rd largest free email in the world.

I personally started out with Hotmail but always felt that email should be fast and easy. Gmail is fast and easy and that is why after using both Hotmail and Yahoo! I decided to divert everything to Gmail. Every time any website asks me for an email, I give out Hotmail. When people ask for email, I give them Gmail.

Lately, I haven’t had much time to play with it but so far it has been an okay experience. I don’t use Twitter much because when I ask a question on Buzz, I do get a response. On Twitter, it is like I am shooting an arrow in the dark. I have more followers on Twitter by the way. Most people who are following me on Buzz are not really friends and I was a little worried the other day that why exactly are all these people following me anyways but it’s all good, I embraced social media exhibitionism almost a year ago, and don’t regret it… yet.

Buzz is here to stay because of many reasons, some of which are:

– Acts like FriendFeed but it is not.
– People who think Twitter is stupid love Buzz.
– You don’t have to work extra hard, its right there in your inbox.
– Real-time.