iPhone Users Are Just More Connected

I was just reading this blog post on Mashable titled “iPhone Users Are Data Whores” by Christina Warren and thought that I would reflect, after all I am an iPhone user who prefers the word connected over whore.

According to the Times, not only do iPhone customers use the web and stream video, music, and download applications more than the average smartphone users, they also use more than ten times the network capacity.

iPhone Yes, I am paying $30 for unlimited data plan, give me one good reason why I should use an iPhone as a regular phone when it has all the functionality of a laptop plus it allows me to make phone calls. I personally don’t use Youtube on iPhone because it is lame but yes I am always checking Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, and Latest News. In other words, I am more connected than most other smart phone users.

According to Apple Insider:

78 percent of iPhone users reported they access the Internet at least weekly on their phone, while only 38 percent of the rest of the smartphone market were on the mobile Web that often.

iPhone has a better browser, better email and excellent applications that make it far more technologically advanced then most smartphones. At the end of the blog post, Christina asks “Does the quality of AT&T’s network deter you from buying or considering renewing your existing contract”?

Answer: NO

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