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Interesting Social Media Links Of The Week

Round up of Interesting Social Media Links Of The Week. These links are mostly newspaper and blog articles but may include occasional audio/video. The links below are handpicked and not computer generated.

So, Just who’s a Social Media Expert?Shel Israel

Shel Israel is the author of Twitterville, a book I highly recommend you read because Isreal is a really good story teller and has penned a book that will go down as social media classic. He tackles being referred as social media expert during his speaking arrangements in his blog post and makes few points.

– Just because someone is referred to as a social media expert doesn’t mean he/she is one.
– Let the people decide who social media expert is and who is not.
– If you don’t know someone, doesn’t mean that person can’t be a social media expert.
– Someone else can be a better social media expert than you.

So… are you a social media expert?

Snow conditions? Facebook, Twitter monitor in real timeBoston Globe

They were thinking of putting up a virtual billboard in downtown Boston so people can see if it was snowing at the ski resorts, they found social media.

РSocial media’s real time updates provide powerful tools to help skiers.
– Ski Vermont’s Twitter followers have increased 14% since June.
– Ski resorts are using Twitter to get message out, instead of using traditional media.
– North Face is coming out with iPhone App, Snow Report 2.0.
– Ski industry plans to use social media not only to sell products but to also create customer relationships.

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