Interesting Social Media Links Of The Week

Round up of Interesting Social Media Links Of The Week. These links are mostly newspaper and blog articles but may include occasional audio/video. The links below are handpicked and not computer generated.

So, Just who’s a Social Media Expert?Shel Israel

Shel Israel is the author of Twitterville, a book I highly recommend you read because Isreal is a really good story teller and has penned a book that will go down as social media classic. He tackles being referred as social media expert during his speaking arrangements in his blog post and makes few points.

– Just because someone is referred to as a social media expert doesn’t mean he/she is one.
– Let the people decide who social media expert is and who is not.
– If you don’t know someone, doesn’t mean that person can’t be a social media expert.
– Someone else can be a better social media expert than you.

So… are you a social media expert?

Snow conditions? Facebook, Twitter monitor in real timeBoston Globe

They were thinking of putting up a virtual billboard in downtown Boston so people can see if it was snowing at the ski resorts, they found social media.

– Social media’s real time updates provide powerful tools to help skiers.
– Ski Vermont’s Twitter followers have increased 14% since June.
– Ski resorts are using Twitter to get message out, instead of using traditional media.
– North Face is coming out with iPhone App, Snow Report 2.0.
– Ski industry plans to use social media not only to sell products but to also create customer relationships.

Resources for building your social media marketing plan – SF Examiner

The 7 Harsh Realities of Social Media Marketing – CopyBlogger

Social Media Before SEO Is Putting The Cart Before The Horse – Adam Singer



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