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How To Get A Job Using Twitter

In this tough economy, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Even though this might sound hard to believe, it is possible to get a job using Twitter or find out about a job that you didn’t know existed. Even if you don’t get a job, you will end up learning something new and in the process make new friends and create a bigger social network.

Before I tell you how to get a job using Twitter, it is important to tell you what Twitter is.

What is it?
Twitter is a microblogging site that allows the user to post updates, or tweets that are limited to 140 characters. It works around the idea of “short and sweet”. You follow people you think are worth following because they are interesting and vice versa.

Twitter profile allows you to describe yourself in 160 characters, it might not be enough for you to describe your past, present and future but it should be enough if you know how to make a first impression.

My Tip: Be concise and clear

Twitter allows you to customize the background of your twitter page, it is not like MySpace so be careful. Your focus is the extreme left side of your page, the part that is visible to most people. It’s same for the right hand side but don’t bother, it looks kiddish. You can customize your page by posting a photo and choosing a wallpaper design to represent yourself.

My Tip: Read Don’t let your online profile sabotage your job prospects and Give a personalized touch to your Twitter page.

Why Twitter?
Because I like it, no seriously, I am not the only one though. Twitter is all the rage at the moment, and it’s common to hear stories of people getting jobs using this tool. While there is no guarantee that you will land a job using it, incorporating it to diversify your job search can open doors to get you introduced to key hiring managers.

– Twitter lets you communicate with anyone instantly.
– It is the only “informal” meeting place online.
– On Twitter you’ll find CEOs, top-level executives, hiring managers, recruiters and everyone in-between!

What to Tweet about?
Things that move you is probably very vague for most people but that’s exactly what Twitter is. If you are a news junkie, post interesting news stories. You have to walk the talk here, if you say in your profile you like sheet music but don’t tweet about it, you are not being true to yourself and it reflects in your Tweets.

You just learned what Twitter is, how to create a decent Twitter profile, benefits of Twitter and what to tweet about. Let’s talk about jobs now…

How to search for jobs on Twitter?
Just because you are using Twitter doesn’t mean jobs will land on your lap, you still have to be pro active and search. Here is where you should start:

TwitterJobSearch: It is designed specifically for people who are searching for jobs. You can sign in using your Twitter username and password, don’t worry it’s safe. You can then save jobs to your account, add your online resume and follow others.
TweetMyJobs: Get instant notification of a new job that is specific to your geographic location and job type. It doesn’t get any easier than this.
Search.Twitter.com: Twitter search is destined to replace Google search some day. Once on Twitter search, click the Advanced link and input your query, it is pretty self explanatory.

Who should you follow?
People who are experts in your industry and of course the company you are interested in working for. Being in Accounting industry, someone like me would follow the Big 4 Accounting Firms and other local firms. Besides that, you might want to follow:

@JobAngels – Helping the unemployed find jobs
@indeed – One search. All jobs.
@jobshouts – General job postings
@simplyhired – Job search site
@StartUpHire – Jobs at VC backed companies
@twithire – Job board service
@GetFreeLanceJob – Contract/Freelance Jobs
@JobDetective – Job aggregatorr and re-tweeter.

If you do get a job using any of the above suggestions, do let me know. If you don’t, at least you know you tried.

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