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How to Create Ruby on Rails App Development Environment on Nitrous.IO

This how-to guide is to help One Month Rails students create an online app development environment on Nitrous.IO instead of one on their computer. You can use this guide to compliment Lesson 7, which deals with creating a new app. By the end of this how-to, you will be able to preview your newly created app.

If you are not One Month Rails student, it’s still a valid guide. Just don’t name your app “omrails.”

Let’s start.

Assuming you haven’t read my earlier post, Nitrous.IO is a Web Integrated Development Environment (WIDE). You will not need anything more than the free account that they provide when you signup.

Login and click on Boxes and then New Box. Here’s the page you will end up at:

Set up Nitrous.IO box

Make sure Ruby on Rails is selected, Name your box and select the region. I am in California, so I selected US West. Leave the Memory and Storage as it is, that’s just the default setup. Click “Create Box.”

Provisioning Nitrous.IO box

Here’s what Nitrous.io WIDE looks like:
WIDE Nitrous.IO box

1 – Click X to close the chat window.
2 – Click X with arrows to expand the Console a.k.a the command line.

Believe it or not, you are ready to name your new app and start working on it.
Nitrous.IO console to create a new app

1 – Rails version 4.0.0
2 – Some Rails commands.
3 – Command to create a new rails app is rails new omrails (omrails is the name of the app)

That’s it, you are done creating your new app. Click X with arrows to go back to the Main screen.
Nitrous.IO Start rails server

1 – New app you created; click on the directory to see it’s structure.
2 – To see how your app looks like, you need to start rails server. In order to start the rails server, you should be in the app directory. Go to the Console and type the command cd omrails <enter> and then rails server <enter>.

Your rails server has started, it’s time to preview it.
Nitrous.IO Port 3000

1 – Click on Preview and select Port 3000

A new tab will open up and you will be able to preview your new app’s homepage:
Nitrous.IO Rails on port 3000

That’s it. We created a new app, started rails server and previewed the app.

FYI: Nitrous.IO has an excellent Support page. Happy learning.