Google Needs Better Damage Control

Gmail was inaccessible to 36 million users Tuesday afternoon which made it the number one trending topic on Twitter and caused an out roar by many on other social networks. Mashable even decided to post “5 Things to Do While Gmail is Down.” What if Gmail disappeared tomorrow? Will there be frenzy?

After the recovery, Google’s blog said

“We’ve fixed the issue, and Gmail should be back up and running as usual. We’re still investigating the root cause of this outage, and we’ll share more information soon.”

Gmail DownThat’s it? No reason? This outage affected a lot more people than Gmail team is willing to accept. Saying that we don’t know what happened means tomorrow Gmail can be completely down for hours or days and Google won’t have a clue for most part.

I personally think it is very irresponsible on Google’s part to not address the concerns of people who use Gmail. If this had happen back before Twitter and Facebook, people would just assume something is wrong with their Internet connection or PC and call technical support. Google could have downplayed the mess as a minor hiccup but in 2009, that’s impossible to do.

Did I mention Gmail and other services associated with Google were down back in May 2009?

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