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Golden Gate Bridge – A Different View from North Vista Point

Living in San Francisco Bay Area, you get to see the Golden Gate Bridge once in a while. I have been to GGB a few times, but every time I went there, I was told that the best view of the bridge is when you take the detour on the north side of the bridge (101 north, last SF exit) park your car somewhere and then just look at it from there. Of course, if you decide to walk, you can take the sidewalk and walk across the bridge.

But to get the best view of the GGB, you need to go to North Vista Point. This area is also known as the Marin Highlands and is on the Marin side of the bridge.

The view from there is exquisite, and the sunset is breathtaking. So now you want to go there too, right? Keep reading.

The best way to get there is to keep going north on 101, take the Alexander Ave exit and then make a left. Basically, you are making a U-Turn to get back on 101-South but don’t get on the freeway and instead make a right on Conzelman Rd.

Once you are on that road, it should be easier to navigate as you will see a lot of spots where people have parked their cars and are watching the great view. My advice, wear something warm as it is windy there.

Don’t go on a foggy day, as you won’t be able to see the bridge clearly. The place you are visiting used to be an army fort with guns but was abandoned after the Second World War, so it has some history to it also.