zahid lilani

Give Programming A Chance

Sign in to Facebook and there is a sponsored post from One Month Rails with a 25% discount (might still work) on their already dirt cheap $49 subscription. Cool, I can now learn programming for $36.75. This deal looks extremely enticing because I have been to the signup page on One Month Rails few times in the past. Damn you cookies!

Let’s rewind.

Few months ago I signed up at Codecademy and then soon after lost touch. I didn’t learn anything; all I wanted to do is move to the next part, and in the process, didn’t retain much after the exercise. It didn’t work for me, I thought, let’s move on.

Not wanting to give up, I searched the interwebs. I found quite a few bootcamps and crash courses but I didn’t want to spend 12-weeks learning to make an application so that I can get a job or funding for my “world changing” app.

I am just trying to learn something new and being a geek, I thought, let’s give programming a chance. Ruby on Rails being all rage and fairly simple to learn (according to many), I thought, why not give Ruby on Rails a chance.

Then I stumbled on One Month Rails. It’s not that different from other sites but there are two things that are distinct about it, at least to me. One, it journeys you through building your first app (practical). Two, the story behind why Matton Griffel, the founder, started One Month Rails.

One Month Rails

I have signed up for One Month Rails. I am giving programming (Ruby on Rails) a chance.

Moving forward, expect to see some posts about programming. I will try to document as much as I can and share what I have learned in simple English.