zahid lilani

Foursquare’s New “Special Nearby” Feature

Surfing the blogosphere I came across couple (1|2) of stories related to “Special Nearby” feature on Foursquare. I hadn’t personally seen one while using Foursquare but that changed a week ago when I made a trip to Chipotle in Sunnyvale.

Special Nearby Ad
Foursquare Special Nearby
Foursquare Special Nearby Ad

The “Special” that was offered to me as a user of Foursquare was quite tempting. Buy one latte, get the second for one cent. It was dinner time in my household, I had to pass…

Here is the coolest part.

To get the latte for one cent you had to show them that you checked in, more check-ins means more exposure. I think it is a pretty good return on investment for 1 cent. Measurable or not is up for debate but little promotions like these do create more buzz.

I might be an exception here but when I check in, I ping Twitter and my friends on Foursquare. Few hundred of ME out there Tweeting and Pinging can create quite a bit of exposure.

Do you agree? Have you seen this new feature on Foursquare yet?