First IRS and Now CIA

There are quite a few people making money online and most of them don’t try to evade taxes. Ones who do should be warned because IRS monitors social media. Federal Govt is broke and IRS is just helping out.

CIA is following on the IRS footsteps but of course, CIA is interested in what everyone is doing instead of selected few. Take a look at this recent story in WIRED “Exclusive: U.S. Spies Buy Stake in Firm That Monitors Blogs, Tweets

CIA will start monitoring Twitter and other forms of social media services soon and collect data maybe on our behavior, tendencies, interests etc. Twitter makes really easy for anyone to monitor you, click follow and the spying begins… I am in no way suggesting you protect your tweets, that will just beat the purpose of Twitter.

See, there is really nothing new here. Some of you “less government, more freedom” folks might feel this is invasion of privacy but honestly it is not. Telephone is private, Twitter and Facebook on the other hand are means for you to get more attention. If CIA can eavesdrop using AT&T and other phone services then it can certainly spy on your Twitter page.

My guess is that CIA is not going to gain anything out of social media, maybe people can sue them next time they find out if a loved one tweeted “I am killing myself” and no help arrived even though the CIA was monitoring the feed. Can you make a case out of that? I am sure the lawyers would have fun with this one.

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