Facebook Addiction Will Get You Busted

Last week a burglar who stopped to update his Facebook status while burglarizing a house was caught because he didn’t remember to logout. He is now behind bars but there is a lesson to be learned here. This story re-enforces my belief that increasingly we are getting addicted to social media.

[ad#left] Besides the fact that the burglar was stupid, he was also a social media addict. He was addicted to the social networking crack also known as Facebook. I talk about social media and spend most of my time surfing the web, I still feel I practice my passion in moderation but I don’t get it when someone has the urge to share each and everything that they do.

There was another similar incident that took place in Australia few days back. Two girls instead of making an emergency phone call tried to get help using Facebook during a storm. That seriously is dangerous, I mean why not just call for help using the same phone they used to update their facebook status?

I agree with the rescue Firefighter who said:

“It seems absolutely crazy but they updated their status rather than call us directly. We could have come to their rescue much faster than relying on someone else being online, then replying to them, then calling us. It is a worrying development. Young people should realize it’s better to contact us directly. Luckily they are safe and well. It’s awful to think what could have happened because of the delay.”

Yes it is crazy, yes it is not safe. I see this problem growing because unlike Facebook, on Twitter you can follow your local Police Department. Next time there is a need to call 911, are you going to Tweet your emergency? I really hope not…

Original Story: Burglar leaves his Facebook page on victim’s computer

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