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Eye Metaphors in Urdu with English Translation and Meaning

I had to compile a list of eye metaphors in Urdu with English translation and meaning for school.

Eye metaphors in Urdu are usually used to convey or express an emotion that is both deep and powerful. The Urdu language makes very good use of eyes for communication purposes, and below you will find out how…

Transliteration: Aankhein chaar hona
Verbatim: Eyes four are
Translation: The eyes have become four
Meaning: Eye-to-eye confrontation between two people

Transliteration: Nazr lagaana
Verbatim: bad sight cast
Translation: To cast a bad eye
Meaning: To cast an evil eye

Transliteration: Aankh ka pani marna
Verbatim: Eye of water dead
Translation: The water of the eyes has died
Meaning: To lose all respect and humility

Transliteration: Sarr aankhon say
Verbatim: head eyes with
Translation: With my head and eyes
Meaning: To listen with great respect

Transliteration: Aankhon say aankein milana
Verbatim: Eyes with eyes meet
Translation: To connect eyes with eyes
Meaning: To look into someone’s eyes

Transliteration: Aankh laraana
Verbatim: Eyes dueling
Translation: Eyes are dueling
Meaning: To flirtatiously give eye signals back and forth

Transliteration: Aankhein Dikhaana
Verbatim: Eyes show
Translation: To show one’s eyes
Meaning: To show eyes in a threatening manner

Transliteration: Aik aankh say dekhna
Verbatim: one eye with look
Translation: To look at it with one eye
Meaning: To look at everyone equally

Transliteration: Aankh hey tarbooze kay beej
Verbatim: eyes are watermelon’s of seeds
Translation: Your eyes are the seeds of watermelons
Meaning: To have big black eyes

Transliteration: Dil ki aankh say karna
Verbatim: Heart of eye with doing
Translation: To do something with eye of the heart
Meaning: To do things out of strong emotions

Transliteration: Aankh utha kar nahin dekhna
Verbatim: Eye pickup not look
Translation: To not even lift one’s eyes
Meaning: To look down and avoid eye contact

Transliteration: Aankhon say chakna choor hojaana
Verbatim: Eyes from break fragments are
Translation: To break into fragments because of those eyes
Meaning: To look at very coldly

Transliteration: Aankhon hi aankhon say batein karna
Verbatim: Eyes only eyes from talking
Translation: Talking through the eyes only
Meaning: To talk through eye signals

Transliteration: Aankhein phaar phaar kar dekhna
Verbatim: Eyes rip rip with looking
Translation: To rip your eyes out while looking
Meaning: To stare

Transliteration: Ankhein neeli peeli karna
Verbatim: Eyes blue yellow do
Translation: To make your eyes blue and yellow
Meaning: To get extremely angry

Transliteration: Aankh barabr naa karna
Verbatim: Eye-level not do
Translation: To not level the eyes
Meaning: To avoid eye contact

Transliteration: Aankh bhar kay dekhna
Verbatim: Eye fill with look
Translation: To fill one’s eyes with the scene
Meaning: To get a good look

Transliteration: Aankh par charana
Verbatim: Eye on put
Translation: To put someone on your eyes
Meaning: To give someone a lot of attention and respect

Transliteration: Aankhein thandy hona
Verbatim: Eyes cold are
Translation: To make your eyes cold
Meaning: To relax, find peace

Transliteration: Aankh say girana
Verbatim: Eye with drop
Translation: To drop with the eye
Meaning: To look at degradingly

Transliteration: Aankhon say lagaana
Verbatim: Eyes with stick
Translation: To stick to the eyes
Meaning: To respect someone a lot

Transliteration: Aankh naak say durost hoona
Verbatim: Eye, nose with accurate be
Translation: The eyes are aligned with the nose accurately
Meaning: To be very beautiful

Transliteration: Aankh lagna
Verbatim: Eye tocuh
Translation: The eyes touched
Meaning: To take a nap (eyes closed)

Transliteration: Aankh par parda dena
Verbatim: Eye on covering do
Translation: To cover the eyes
Meaning: To turn a blind eye

Transliteration: Aankhon mein khatakna
Verbatim: Eyes in pricking
Translation: The eyes are pricking
Meaning: Constant worrying

Transliteration: Aankhon mein khoon utar aana
Verbatim: Eyes in blood down comes
Translation: The blood comes into the eyes
Meaning: To get very angry

Transliteration: Aankhon mein swiyaan baki hai
Verbatim: Eyes in needles left are
Translation: The needles are still left in the eyes
Meaning: The hardest part is yet to come

Transliteration: Aankhein badal layna
Verbatim: Eyes change to do
Translation: To change eyes
Meaning: To change colors, be deceitful