Do You Tweet?



In late 2007 when I signed up for twitter I didn’t honestly think that twitter would become popular; it is now the third largest social networking website behind facebook and myspace.

I recently re-discovered twitter because of iPhone. If I didn’t have iPhone, I wouldn’t tweet because I am not online 24/7. TwitterFon on iPhone is an excellent application and I say that after trying two other free twitter applications.

Concept of twitter is very stupid (for lack of a better word) and I am confused as to how it will ever make money using the platform it currently has. Tweeting is very similar to text messaging but has a wider appeal to people who are social networking junkies and want to stay updated every second in time. You create a profile, start following your friends and vice versa and there you are… now you can constantly stay in touch with everyone you follow and can update everyone following you.

I try to tweet 2-4 times a day; rambling about my thoughts, traffic, Berkeley, SFSU, news and interesting links. Tweeting can be really addictive, people I follow usually have 30-40 updates everyday which translates into I-Have-No-Life but I certainly do so don’t expect that from me!

Enough said, do you tweet? Follow me on Twitter

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