Dlvr.it – Social Media Publishing and Statistics Tool for Bloggers

Dlvr.it lets bloggers publish to different social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ping.fm, Tumblr and Statusnet. Once you publish posts using Dlvr.it, you can stay in the loop by tracking statistics such as clicks and trends.

dlvr.it I have been playing with Dlvr.it for over a month now and really like it. It makes publishing to multiple social media sites a breeze. Statistics are helpful in determining what works on different social networks. They say that any data no matter how insignificant at present is an invaluable tool that can be utilized in future. As a blogger, knowing what works and what doesn’t can be crucial as well as provide you with future blog post topics.

There are other services that provide similar publishing but they lack in terms of analytics. Speaking of analytics, you can use Google Analytics with Dlvr.it to track traffic to your blog. Don’t worry, there is no coding involved. How do I add Google Analytics Tracking Links to my posts? explains everything in simple English.

Don’t wait, make your blogging life easier by automating simple tasks. Sit back, relax and track what works and what doesn’t. Amazing tool that will make you a productive blogger.


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