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Creating Twitter Lists In 3 Easy Steps

Twitter lists is an excellent new feature for Twitter devotees who would like to get more out of Twitter without the headache. Twitter lists will help you organize, segment, and discover. In plain English that means you can create a list that includes your friends, cool websites, blogs you read and anything else that moves you.

Creating a Twitter list is a breeze

Step 1

After you login to Twitter, look at the right column underneath saved searches. Click on ‘New List’ and you will see a small box pop up. Name your new list, decide if you want to keep it public or private. I personally don’t see a reason why any list should be private but Twitter is nice like that and gives you an option regardless.

Create a New Twitter List Box

Step 2

Now it is time to add people to your newly created Twitter list. The best way I would do this is by going to Twitter homepage. Once you are there, look for the person you would like to add to the list and then click on the username. Once you are at the profile, click on Lists and select the list where you would like to add the person.

Add To Twitter List


You are done!

To access your lists go to twitter.com/yourname/lists. Any list you create will have a URL that looks something like twitter.com/yourname/listname.

Haven’t had much time to play with Twitter lists myself but I created a few. You can access it at http://twitter.com/ZahidLilani/lists

Did my 3 easy step tutorial help you? Do you have questions? What do you think about this new feature?