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Clixtr Launches Its Newly Revamped Homepage

Few weeks back I had talked about Clixtr and how it is so revolutionary as a location based photo sharing service. Yesterday they launched a new homepage that makes it easier for new members and existing users to search for events and look at photos.

Clixtr Logo

Clixtr’s iPhone App wasn’t free in the beginning but is free now. When I first used the service, the ability to add photos “after the fact” wasn’t encouraged but available. By that I mean, photos you take using some other source and not an iPhone and later decide to upload on Clixtr. You can now easily add new photos from the event page, even if you didn’t create the event.

In their own words:

Clixtr allows users to create geo-tagged events and upload mobile photos. Using the iPhone GPS, Clixtr users create instant, location-aware, group photo albums. Clixtr users primarily add photos through the iPhone application, but the newly released website allows anyone to contribute. The real-time platform allows people to follow and contribute to events as they happen around the corner and around the world.

I used Clixtr at an event earlier this month and loved it. It’s easy to take photos, create events, follow events and comment on other events. If I get some time this week or maybe next, I will do a how-to guide on using Clixtr.

Have you used Clixtr? What do you like about it? Anything you would like to share? Let me know, I am all ears eyes!