zahid lilani

Brizzly Is The New Grizzly of Web Based Twitter Clients

Brizzly is yet another web based Twitter client that lets you view content from Twitter as well as Facebook. It strives to give you a clear picture of your Twitter stream in the most efficient and simple way. When you first look at your Twitter stream on Brizzly, you will say to yourself “Did my Facebook just changed clothes?”


It’s true that its interface looks like that of your Facebook homepage but it is better, why? It is not Facebook, simple. Let’s explore:


The usual suspects, Home, Direct messages, Groups and Saved searches. One thing that stands out is Pictures. It lets you look at all the pictures that you have posted using Brizzly, unfortunately, twitpic won’t work. I really thought a feature that allows me to look at all my Twitter pictures would be very cool. You can look at the pictures full size, not just a link.

Brizzly Left Column


The difference you will notice is in the middle section. Links have the entire URL, they are not coded in short URLs. Good feature because I have clicked on the same story twice many times because of different URLs. Your pictures will show up full size, same goes for the videos. No need to click and leave Brizzly to watch a video on YouTube.

Bzissly Middle Column


This really is the best section because if you have any new direct messages, you will see it here with an option to either view it or shhhh. Right below that you see news and trends that auto refresh always keeping you up to date on the latest trends.

Brizzly Trends

I am a fan of web based clients more so than I am of Tweetdeck or Seesmic Desktop. It would be premature if I said Brizzly is better than HootSuite, my favorite web based Twitter client but I a seem to like Brizzly so far.

Brizzly is currently by invitation only, here is the link good for 10 people: http://bit.ly/2EUNvb. If the link doesn’t work, let me know and I will post a new one.

UPDATE 11/06/09: Brizzly now supports lists.