zahid lilani

Bloggers need Newspapers to Survive


Newspaper As a Bay Area resident I wasn’t really shocked when the news broke that San Francisco Chronicle is in trouble. Chronicle isn’t in trouble because of diminishing advertising revenues, it is in trouble because most people get their news online through specialized news blogs and aggregators like Google.

To be honest, Chronicle is not in any way the best newspaper currently in circulation. It is a popular newspaper in San Francisco but in the Bay Area it is also competing with Oakland Tribune and San Jose Mercury. James Rainy, columnist at LA Times says:

“…the imperfect vessel for this perfectly self-centered city. The 144-year-old newspaper has never been accused of being great, but it somehow seemed to fit its place.”

That is exactly what I feel about Chronicle even thought it s the 12th largest newspaper in the country!

Bloggers need a source of information to properly blog about issues and generate opinions. If you think that once newspapers cease to exist then bloggers will be the source of information, you might be on the wrong footing. Bloggers can never have enough resources to take over the coverage of any large metropolitan area. We have no doubt changed how average internet user gets information but that doesn’t mean newspapers have no value in today’s environment. Newspapers have always been the very essence of Democracy and it should always remain that way.

Call me guilty because I am part of this electronic revolution and get my news from Google or Yahoo, I occasionally read Mercury News in print. A good idea right now would be to put more effort towards the electronic medium and sacrifice some resources on the ground.

We need newspapers because they keep the stories alive for years and years…