Anti-iPhone Advertisement Will Backfire On Verizon

Releasing the new Anti-iPhone advertisement must have been a good buzz creating publicity stunt for Verizon but it will backfire in the coming month when Droid is released.

iPhone is a gadget that revolutionized smart phones. Instead of taking a cheap shot at the iPhone, it would have served Verizon better if it had concentrated on Droid’s features. If Verizon’s plan is to convert iPhone users into Droid users, I think they will fail because you cannot sell iPhone users rhetoric.

As far as the design is concerned, it is nothing new. Same slider functionality, ugly looking keyboard and pointed edges. Maybe the hoopla is about “Google’s hand in developing Motorola Droid.” The last time I checked, they had a phone with T-Mobile that was considered an iPhone killer too, how many people do you know have it?

Instead of calling it Droid, why not just call it iClone?


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