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5 websites that can help you create impressive visual resumes

Think of visual resumes as an infographic reflecting your professional life. It highlights all of your education, experience and skills in easy to follow graphical format. It can be media rich or typography rich or both. As of yet, it doesn’t replace the traditional resume but certainly compliments it. If used properly, it can give you an edge and help you stand out.

Some professions, like mine, have no taste for creative shindigs. If you are an accountant, just make sure your resume looks and feels one dimensional like the rest of resumes and use as many cliches as possible. If you are a freelancer, editor, blogger, photographer, consultant etc; a visual resume can prove to be your best digital foot forward. Isn’t it all about making the first impression anyways?

Here’s my list of 5 sites that help you create a free visual resume:


vizualize.me Visualize your resume in one click.

Vizualize.me was the first website to start visual resume genre. Simply put, it helps you create elegant, yet simple, visual resume. It has seamless integration with LinkedIn; one click import of all your LinkedIn information. Of course, once you import, you can modify the information. You get a URL ending with a name of your choosing, you can print to PDF and even buy stuff like T-shirts with your resume printed on it.

Examples of resumes on Vizualize.me: Megan Wilkes | Madeline Paterson | Nick Garofalo


Re.vu is a complete rethinking of what a resume can be.

Re.Vu has the look and feel of About.me page. It let’s you upload a photo that is layered in the foreground and your resume being in the forefront. The best thing about Re.vu is the short name. Makes it extremely easy to include in an email, share it with the world via social media or send via text.

Examples of resumes on Re.Vu: Marina Kuten | Matthew Cantwell | Steve Chambers


ResumUP.com Know what it takes

ResumUP is little different because it let’s you create a career plan; where you are, where you want to be. It also allows you to add connections and divide them into different groups. All profiles look the same on ResumUP as there are no template choices. ResumeUP let’s you browse random resumes, a feature that’s unique to it.

Examples of resumes on ResumUP: Galyna Syzonenko | Peter Allen | Shan Aris


enthuse.me - create an elegant profile to showcase your expertise

Enthuse.me is a visual resume service that I as an Accountant can stand by. It’s not full of colors and fancy graphics but visual enough to help you stand out. It’s more bland than the rest but that’s only because it focuses more on clean typography than pretty graphs; minimalist and easy on the eyes.

Examples of resumes on Enthuse.me: Andrew Neal | Brendan Murphy | Michael Flanigan


Kinzaa lets you build visually stunning infographic resumes.

Kinzaa has LinkedIn feel to it with little variation in colors. It let’s you create a really simple visual resume that’s more professional looking and can be used by almost anyone, including Accountants.

Examples of resumes on Kinzaa: Sarah Rowe | Amanda Kleinmeulman | Antonije Velevski

I picked the example resumes using Google. If you have created a resume that you would like me to replace with the example resumes, let me know.