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5 Social Media Sites College Students Must Try


85% of students at 4-year universities have Facebook profiles. College students spend most of their time on Facebook and don’t realize that they can be more productive if they spend more time on social media websites catered for them.

Social media sites geared towards college students can help you network, collaborate, communicate, and make your daily college tasks a bit easier. Did I mention all the services are free?

5 Social Media Sites College Students Must Try


Are you a straight As’, 4.0 GPA who is feeling the pinch of tuition costs? You are in luck because Gradefund can help you get paid for getting good grades. The process is very simple, create an account, invite your friends and family to be sponsors, upload your academic transcript at the end of each semester and once Gradefund verifies it, you’ll get paid.


There is no hidden meaning to InternshipRatings, it does what it says. It has reviews from students that have already been through internships and know how valuable they are. According to the website, the idea behind InternshipRatings was to give you the “real deal” and that’s exactly what it does with candid reviews.


Do you want to save money? Need company? Care about the environment? If you said yes to any of the questions, Zimride is the service for you. The best thing about Zimride is you can sign in using your Facebook username and password and through your Facebook profile Zimride will list all the ride options in your area from people using the app on Facebook.


Funny name but Zumeo can help you find a job. There are many job boards online but still, this one is worth the try because you can sign in using your Facebook username and password and leverage the power of Facebook.


Evernote is a very cool web and mobile application that makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web. It has a slick iPhone application that you can use to take picture of notes in class on anything interesting you might want to access later on.