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5 SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid On Your WordPress Blog

Most people would want you to believe that you should become a SPAMMER when it comes to SEO. Add all kinds of keywords, comment on numerous blogs, fill your blog with numerous articles with repetitive keywords and basically create a saturated blog with no human value. If you care about your blog, please don’t make those mistakes. It is a wrong advice that will hurt you in the long run and needs to be avoided at any cost.

As a WordPress blogger, I would like to tell you about 5 mistakes you are likely to make on your WordPress blog. I am assuming here that you have installed All-in-One-SEO plugin which is the best plugin of its kind. (what’s up with all the new upgrades every other day?)

5 SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid On Your WordPress Blog

1. Keyword Spam

You see this column in All-in-One-SEO plugin’s configuration and it is very important that you fill out the keywords in this box separated by a comma and without repeating. I don’t recommend more than 20 keywords. Keep in mind that “Search Engine Optimization” is same as “Search, Engine, Optimization” and “Engine, Optimization, Search.” Doesn’t matter if your keywords are in all CAPS or the first and last character is capitalized.

The keywords you put in this box should be relevant to your blog posts because these keywords are default for your blog. The beauty of using All-in-One-SEO plugin is that you get to add keywords to your individual posts also because most of the time it is your post that is being ranked and not your blog as a whole (this happens when you are heavily dugg)

2. Keyword Indigestion

The idea on any blog is to optimize the posts and that can be achieved once you’ve got your keywords in your content a few times, in your title and URL, and maybe in the alt tag of an image. If you are writing a post just to rank higher in search engines, you are making a grave mistake. Human beings use these search engines, the content has to be valuable and digestible for humans, thus the phrase “Keyword Indigestion.”

3. XML Sitemaps

WordPress has an excellent sitmaps plugin called XML-Sitemap Generator. Most bloggers would rather not deal with sitemaps because of the initial time investment. Sitemaps can boost your search engine traffic in a very short time and I recommend you take out some time to understand how they work and make good use of it.

4. Ignoring Bing and Yahoo!

Yes I know that Google is king to search engine traffic but if you are avoiding Bing and Yahoo!, you are just limiting yourself from more traffic. 15-20% of your search traffic can come from Yahoo! and Bing and it doesn’t make sense to ignore it completely. Don’t do anything extra, just submit your sitemaps using XML-Sitemap Generator to submit sitemaps to these two websites.

5. Comment Spamming on Popular do-follow Blogs

It is a popular belief that if you comment on a popular blog with do-follow links, you will benefit from the high popularity of the blog. I always thought this practice was well worth the effort but there is nothing out there that justifies spamming. You should avoid comment spamming on popular do-follow blogs because it plain doesn’t work. Once again, stop thinking about search engines for a minute and think about humans. Your blog post can be optimized to death but if it doesn’t have what it takes for a human to consider worthy, you are completely missing the mark.

Please feel to contribute mistake you have discovered when optimizing your blog for search traffic. Let me know if you have questions.