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5 Reasons: You Shouldn’t Start Blogging

Blogging is becoming more of a mainstream thing now and everyone will tell you that you should be blogging if you have 5 minutes to spare. Yes you should blog assuming you have something useful to contribute. Anyone can blog, even your dog but that doesn’t make you a good blogger. You should have all the right reasons jotted down if you really want to blog.

I have compiled 5 Reasons for you NOT to start blogging and you can be the judge.

1) You just want to talk about yourself

Please spare me the agony, I don’t care about you unless your life has been somewhat remarkable. I don’t want to know why no one talks to you in school, I don’t want to know what kind of messed up childhood you had and your ex-wife was cheating on you… with another girl. But I would like to know how you overcame your loneliness, I would like to know how you changed your life around… do you mind sharing that?

Complaining about the world doesn’t get you much far in the blogosphere, having good ideas and solutions to real world problems and example from your own life might seem like a decent proposal and will make you sound helpful.

2) You have stories

This is in line with reason one but this time around you are not telling stories about your messed up childhood. It’s the girl next door, the mail man who can’t differentiate between John and Jonathan or the guy who has an opinion on everything including shoe laces.

Stories are great but are they really useful? If I want to read a story, I will pick up a novel or a short story book written by a published author who has all the skills necessary to tell a story. If you are not helping me understand an issue better by telling me a story, don’t indulge me in something you think I like.


3) You want to become someone else

Did you just miss the whole point of blogging here? Whatever that geek told you who pretends to be spider man on his blog is not true. There are only three kinds of blogs, Personal, Business and Opinion. When you see something of importance inside a trash can, you can’t assume that everything else is also important. Remember, your blog can only fall under Personal, Business and Opinion. Everything else is just worthless.

Your blog should offer something about you, it should bring out your personality, your opinions and your life. If you want to become someone else, try wearing a nice costume on Halloween but don’t start blogging pretending you are better than anyone else out there.

4) You lack passion

Writing is hard work, blogging is even harder. If you lack passion, it becomes very difficult to stay on top of things. If you blog with passion, you can easily transcend your message to your readers. Out of all the blogs in the blogosphere, give your readers a reason to come to your blog. Adding passion to your blog posts will make your blog stand out in the blogosphere.

Your blog should be about a topic close to your heart, something that reflects your grasp of the topic and something that drives you to share what you know with passion. You add real meaning to words by adding your passion and mixing it with your ability to deliver it effectively.

5) You are lazy

Accept it, if you are lazy in real life then you won’t get time to blog and after you write those first 5 posts because you just discovered blogging, you will give it up for a month or two. As soon as you do that, it will be hard for you to get back into that same state of mind that helped you start blogging.

When you do start blogging again, you will realize that your life is currently too miserable and there are better things in life you should be doing. Procrastination is not a disease, it is a condition that affects everyone from time to time but the beauty is in knowing how to handle and manage it effectively.

My list is not comprehensive but a mere peek into reasons people I have come across tell me they should take up blogging. One other reason I didn’t talk about was “I can make money”. That is only true for 1% of blogs on the internet that make more money in a day than you do in a week. Most of these money making folks are professional writers who have taken their topic of expertise to a new level by being the first few to blog. Sometimes all it takes is for you to be the first… and in 2009, you are definitely not the first.

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