zahid lilani

5 Reasons You Should Be Guest Blogging

There is no point in maintaining a blog if no one is reading it. Unlike a diary that you keep under your bed, a blog needs to be discovered by everyone. There are many ways to promote your blog but nothing does it better than becoming a guest blogger.

Guest bloggers typically write about their topic of expertise. It is like your 2 minutes of fame where you get to use the podium to show the audience if you are worth it. Until recently, I didn’t guest blog and didn’t really know how beneficial it can be. Well, to say the least, I like the response so far with one guest post already published and second being in the pipeline.

5 Reasons You Should Be Guest Blogging

1) New Readers
Guest posting will expose your blog to new readers that may not have previously known about your blog. Chances are, if they like what they read, they will click through to your website to find out what else you have to offer. Isn’t that what you want as a blogger?

2) Polish Writing Skills
Writing for yourself is different than writing for someone else. You are more careful, you want to get it right the first time and sometimes you might have your reputation at stake. In the process of writing for someone else, you become a better writer. This makes sure that you put your best piece forward and in future posts exercise the same skills.

3) Search Engine Optimization or SEO
PageRank is Google’s way of ranking your page. Google counts the number of links that point to your blog from other high PR blogs and websites and decides what your blog pagerank should be. Guest blog posts have a short bio of the author at the end where you can have at least two links pointing back to your blog, those links can be priceless.

4) Networking
Networking is thrown around quite a bit these days and there is a reason. Things get done quickly and opportunities knock from unknown places if you are well networked in your community. Blogosphere is a community where bloggers are citizens and more citizens you network with, more you gain in terms of reputation, integrity, and consciousness.

5) Gain Credibility
Sharing your knowledge about a topic is seen by most people as doing community service. When you write a guest post, you are giving your piece of mind to someone else for FREE. No matter what the situation, if you were requested to guest post or you offered to write a guest post, your expertise is the focus and the thought that you contributed counts.

Being a blogger, you should be actively looking for other blogs to guest post on. It’s fruitful, it helps you become a better writer, increases your readership, helps your SEO efforts and it makes you feel proud of yourself.