zahid lilani

5 Online Tools for Converting Youtube Videos to MP3 Audio

Has there been a time when you were on Youtube and fell in love with a jingle or a song and wished if there was a way to get the audio/song in an mp3 format? Yes? Read on…

There are quite a few really good tools available online but to my surprise most people think it is not possible to convert Youtube videos to Mp3. They are WRONG! It is very much possible and most of the time very simple to convert Youtube videos to mp3 and other formats.

Here is a list of my favorite 5 websites online that let you convert Youtube videos to Mp3. When I say Youtube videos to Mp3 I mean that you will be able to have the audio used in the video converted to mp3 format and ready for your mp3 player like iPod etc.

1 – YoutubetoMp3 (visit site) – Very simple Youtube to Mp3 converter with an option to share the Mp3 with friends.
2 – Dirpy (visit site) – It’s like a DVR for Youtube, you can edit the start and end time of the video you want to convert to mp3. Neat.
3 – FLVto (visit site) – Simple YouTube video to mp3 converter. You can also convert to MP4, DivX etc and they also support other video sharing sites such as Veoh, Dailymotion, Myspace, Facebook, Metacafe, Lulu, Vimeo etc.
4 – Soundzaa (visit site) – Very simple, non nonsense Youtube to Mp3 converter.
5 – BenderConverter (visit site) – Convert Youtube and videos from other video sharing sites to mp3 and numerous other formats such as .wav, .flv, .avi, .mov etc.