zahid lilani

5 Major Social Media FAILS of 2010

There are ups and downs and then there are major fails. Social Media map changed this year for good and for bad. Mashable and Huffington Post have already posted some technology fails and I am sure others will soon follow. My list is not surprising but I have my opinion as to what is really fail and what is a lapse in judgment.

5 Major Social Media FAILS of 2010

1) Grave Digger

Digg used to be the “news junkie” heaven just 4 years ago but unfortunately they were not able to keep up with the changing dynamics of the social media evolution. This year they decided to introduce the newest version of Digg that failed miserably.

Instead of rolling out gradual changes, they dropped a bomb that blew up on their face. It remains to be seen if Digg will recover from their lack of foresight and regain their rank as a niche news leader. To come this far and not make a calculated decision is a FAIL in my view.

2) Buzz Fizz

Google thought that with the launch of Buzz it will gain access to the sphere currently owned by Twitter. It was a good idea and Buzz is not that bad. Problem: They didn’t do all the beta testing possible before launching it. Result: Private information of its users was revealed and the result was a lawsuit at a tune of $8.5 Million which Google lost.

Both Buzz and Wave fizzled in no time after launch. In my opinion, launching Buzz was a good idea though premature but assuming Gmail users don’t care about privacy was not. Fail.

3) ZuckNet

Mark Zuckerberg has been in spotlight all throughout 2010. There was the Movie, Facebook Privacy Controversy, $100 Million Pledge, and now TIME Person of the Year. I don’t blame Mark for the privacy mishaps of Facebook because the Venture Capitalists and Angels didn’t invest in Facebook so that they could hang a certificate on the wall saying “Facebook is worth $$ Billion.” They want to take Facebook public, become real Billionaires and move on. Mark is just trying to satisfy them, it happens all the time. The reason Facebook gets away with it and Google doesn’t is because Facebook is not public yet.

Major fail though is the fact that Mark thinks people who are on Facebook sharing every minute detail of their lives are “dumb fucks” and trust Facebook.

4) Bad Taste Tweet

There are some Tweets that don’t make sense and then there are some that make you wonder if a Tweet was necessary. One such Tweet was that of Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

I am all for death penalty but I think a lethal injection ought to do it. Calling in a firing squad and Tweeting about it is simply disgusting. No Tweet was necessary and if he had to Tweet, a somber one would have done the job. FAIL.

5) Avoid Holding it That Way!

This might be a major gadget FAIL instead of social media but the reason I am talking about it is because how iPhone has revolutionized social media. iPhone 4 was released this year and it wasn’t the best of launches; especially for Apple considering its PR reputation and innovative products.

A user over at MacRumors emailed Steve Jobs about the signal quality while holding the new iPhone 4 in a specific way. This is what Steve Jobs replied: “Non issue. Just avoid holding it in that way.”

A company has failed if it is telling you how to hold a device, period.

What do you think? Are you on the same page with me? What was the major social media FAIL according to you?