GIF file format has been around for quite some time but I never thought that I would see a day when GIFs would become so epic that a term would be invented to describe the phenomenon.

What is a Cinemagraph?

Cinemagraphs are partially animated photographs in which a subtle movement action occurs. The effect is produced by taking a series of continuous shot photographs or a video recording and compositing the frames into an animated GIF file. New York photographer Jamie Beck coined the term “Cinemagraph” and re-invented GIFs in the process. That got the ball rolling and since then many creative nerds have showcased their skills.

Here are 10 Cinemagraphs worth looking staring at:


Taxi Cinemagraph

Coco Rocha Cinemagraph

Cola Cinemagraph
Keychain Cinemagraph

Film Reel Cinemagraph

Train Cinemagraph

Rain Cinemagraph

Mirror Cinemagraph

The subtle movement of a cinemagraph can be achieved using Photoshop and you can read some great tutorials at: PhotoJoJo, An Aesthetic Discourse and Fernando Baez.

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